EQ1-DYN 7-Band Equalizer
EQ1-DYN 7-Band Equalizer

EQ1-DYN 7-Band Equalizer

WEISS Engineering

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Weiss EQ1 – the reference when it comes to digital mastering EQs. Available in four different models, including linear phase and dynamic versions.

The EQ1-DYN features four freely adjustable dynamic bands, and additionally three linear bands per channel. Setting up the dynamic bands is as easy as setting a linear band. There is just one additional parameter to be adjusted by the user, the threshold control. This makes multi-band dynamic control as easy and as versatile as adjusting a parametric equalizer. The dynamic EQ can be used as a de-esser or to give the bass an extra punch etc..

Bands 1, 2, 5 and 6 are the dynamic bands (each individually switchable to linear) and bands 3, 4 and 7 are ordinary linear bands. A dynamic band operates similar to a compressor, with two additional features:

1) The band is sensitive to signal level in its frequency range only. So when applying dynamic bass EQ, only the bass-band of the program affects the dynamic behavior. There is no cross-modulation from other bands.

2) The gain is only applied to certain frequencies, and not across the whole audio band.

3) Other modes (low-cut, high-cut, low-shelving, high-shelving) are linear (no automatic boost/cut adjustment), and behave exactly the same as in the EQ1-MK2.

The reason for choosing exactly bands 1, 2, 5 and 6 is the following: As the name implies, a dynamic band is sensitive to the level of the input signal. Sometimes it is desirable to first add some EQ, and afterwards dynamically add some more. Or vice versa, first do some dynamic corrections and afterwards add overall EQ, including in the corrected band. Because the EQ bands are connected in series, this is only possible if there are linear bands before and after the dynamic bands.